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TubesT - Laser Nesting Software

TubesT Laser Nesting Software, FSCUT TubesT, is a nesting software designed for the Baichu laser cutting CNC system, specifically developed for FSCUT CypTube/TubePro tube cutting software. It enables drawing processing, common edge nesting, weld seam compensation, as well as part drawing and other functions.

Powerful Functions

Easy Operation

High Stability

TubesT supports nesting of single or multiple parts to minimize material waste.

Special Common Edge:
TubesT can perform common edge processing on parts after weld seam compensation, as well as island common edge processing on identical or different parts, achieving precise common edge nesting to reduce cutting times and save time and money.

Fast Import:
TubesT automatically identifies the stretching direction of IGS files and can batch import various IGS files with different cross-sections at once. It also supports the import of assembly files, greatly improving import efficiency.

Drawing Processing:
Addressing common issues in tube cutting, such as perforation accuracy requirements and interference prevention during tube assembly, TubesT provides multiple graphic processing options for users. Its simple and flexible processing methods significantly reduce drawing processing time.

Automatic Sorting:
All types of tubes (including non-standard tubes) can achieve automatic sorting of empty travel paths. For common rectangular and circular tubes, TubesT offers two automatic sorting strategies: face-based sorting and ring-based sorting, achieving more rational processing paths.

Special Steel Processing:
Supports the extraction and editing of tool paths for special steels such as angle steel, channel steel, and I-beams. It also enables common edge nesting for special steels, greatly expanding the processing capabilities of tube cutting equipment.

Part Drawing:
TubesT comes with 3D drawing functionality, allowing even inexperienced users to quickly grasp it. Users can easily perform operations such as stretching, perforating, cutting, and V-grooving.

Nesting Report:
Concise nesting reports for easy reference by operators during processing.


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