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HypCut- Laser Cutting Software

The HypCut Laser Cutting Software FSCUT is a specially customized software developed for the high-power laser cutting needs within the industry. It provides professional process models for high-power laser cutting, enabling intelligent production. The software also supports the planning and scheduling of order tasks, assisting in production management. Its modular design offers users a more concise and efficient operation, aiding in the quick completion of production tasks.

Powerful Functions

Easy Operation

High Stability

Key Features:

  • BC-LINK Communication Technology: Enables long-distance transmission of display signals, IO signals, and USB signals with strong anti-interference capabilities.
  • Smart Knife Retraction: Intelligent adjustment of the retraction process through BLT cutting head technology, solving issues such as internal wall nodules and external wall burns.
  • Seamless Micro-Link: Eliminates the need for repeated perforation, effectively improving production efficiency. The workpiece surface is left smooth and seamless, making cutting effortless.
  • Process Monitoring: Smart judgement of cutting penetration by the BLT cutting head, with intelligent retraction and recutting if necessary, enhancing cutting process stability.
  • Molten Pool Detection: Intelligent assessment of cutting quality by the BLT cutting head, enabling real-time adjustment of cutting parameters to ensure production quality and efficiency.
  • Smart Perforation:Optimizes the perforation process, significantly reducing perforation time and improving quality.
    This software is designed to meet the demands of high-power laser cutting, offering advanced features to streamline production processes and enhance overall efficiency and quality.

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