Cypcut Laser Cutting Software

CypOne- Laser Cutting Software

FSCUT CypOne is a multifunctional and cost-effective control software specifically developed for the thin sheet metal/advertising processing industry. It is suitable for medium and low-power laser cutting machine tools, capable of rich functions such as drawing processing, tool path planning, process setting, focus control, and worktable exchange, enabling convenient, fast, high-quality, and efficient workpiece processing.

Powerful Functions

Easy Operation

High Stability

Key Features:

  • Supports graphic data formats such as AI, DXF, PLT, Gerber, LXD, and accepts international standard G-codes generated by software like MasterCam, Type3, and Wentai.
  • When opening/importing external files such as DXF, it automatically optimizes them, including removing duplicate lines, merging connected lines, eliminating very small graphics, and automatically distinguishing between internal and external molds and sorting them. Each of the above functions can be customized or executed manually.
  • Advertising lettering function that can generate uniform and beautiful light hole letters with various filling methods in just a few seconds.
  • The cutting function can split the graphics into several parts for subsequent layout processing. At the same time, the software will automatically group the cutting parts and add marking numbers at the cutting points, facilitating sorting and splicing after processing is completed.
  • Can measure curve lengths, directly reflecting the length of the material required for the side of advertising letters, reducing material waste, and improving bending and welding accuracy.
  • Supports common editing and layout functions, including scaling, translation, mirroring, rotation, alignment, copying, grouping, etc. Sets the introduction and exit lines, cut seam compensation, micro-connections, bridging, Yin and Yang cutting, sealing, etc. in a WYSIWYG manner.
  • Automatically distinguishes between internal and external molds, determines the direction of cut seam compensation based on the internal and external molds, and performs wire check, etc.
  • Supports curve segmentation, merging, curve smoothing, text-to-curve conversion, part merging, disassembly, etc.
  • One-click nesting function for arranging graphics according to the size of the sheet and the margin.
  • Flexible and diverse automatic sorting and manual sorting functions, supporting processing sequence viewing through group locking.
  • Processing sequence viewing function, more convenient than simulation for viewing processing sequences.
  • One-click setting of flying cutting path for more efficient processing.
  • Supports secondary perforation, progressive perforation, pre-perforation, and grouped pre-perforation, as well as setting separate laser power, frequency, laser form, gas type, pressure, peak current, delay, and follow-up height for the perforation and cutting processes.
  • Real-time frequency and power curve editing, and the ability to set parameters related to slow start.
  • Powerful material library function that allows all process parameters to be saved for reuse with the same material. Processing breakpoint memory, forward and backward tracing of breakpoints, and processing of partial graphics.
  • Supports stopping and pausing to locate to any point during the process and start processing from any position.
  • Powerful expandability, with up to 30 PLC process edits, more than 50 programmable processes.
  • Programmable input/output ports, programmable alarm inputs.
  • Supports remote control of the system via a wireless handheld box.

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