Cypcut Laser Cutting Software

CypNest - Laser Nesting Software

The FSCUT CypNest is a nesting software for sheet laser cutting CNC systems, developed for the sheet metal laser cutting software HypCut/CypCut. It enables fast nesting, drawing processing, toolpath editing, and form generation functions.

Powerful Functions

Easy Operation

High Stability

Drawing Processing and Import
Intelligent drawing recognition, automatically identifying drawing errors, efficiently correcting erroneous drawings; supports the import of DWG, DXF format drawings; supports the generation of drawings from Excel spreadsheets for quick import.

Nesting Algorithm
Fast, high-utilization nesting algorithm, reducing material waste; no limit on the number of nesting boards; supports automatic, manual, and mixed nesting methods; supports automatic and manual nesting of irregular boards.

Cutting Path Optimization
Intelligent sorting algorithm to minimize unnecessary movements; fast manual sorting operation; development of various shared edge toolpath generation modes to adapt to different customer scenarios.

Auxiliary Functions
Capable of generating various types of processing orders, quotations, and other statistical documents; fully compatible with HypCut/CypCut cutting processes.


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